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Terms and Conditions:

Participation in the WEB WORKER CONTEST (WWC) is free. It is open to all individuals and teams. One may participate with a maximum of five Web Workers per day. It is forbidden to upload the same or nearly the same Web Worker twice. The author is responsible for the copyright terms of his Web Worker. The WWC uses the code only for the competition. The submitted Web Worker code, the name of the participant and his or her e-mail is stored. The Web Worker code and the name of the participant may be posted on the WWC pages, on Twitter or in the accompanying blog. The e-mail will not be published or shared with third parties. It will not be used for promotional purposes. If you breach the terms of participation you may be excluded without further explanation from the CONTEST. The winner of the CONTEST will be notified by e-mail. Participants may at any time request the deletion of their data. For technical problems the WWC takes no liability. The decision is final.